Seven Seas Restaurant Celebrates 20 Years – Introduces Healthy Items On Menu

Epoch Times, February 2007

In the Year of the Pig, Seven Seas Restaurant welcomes its’ 20th year of being in business.

The restaurant’s main goal when it opened in 1987 was to introduce to D.C truly authentic Chinese food. Because of owners Edward and Corinna Shen’s food expertise, the restaurant has been invited to cater at important government functions.

Edward Shen recognizes the growing awareness of the importance of healthy eating and wants to encourage his guests to so. Thus, entrees that are low fat, low salt, MSG and preservative-free have been introduced to the menu.

Another healthy dish that is rich in antioxidants is mixed mushrooms in a paper hot pot, a serving style that is popular in China and was the late Princess Diana’s favorite dish.

Another notable item is the Afternoon Tea Sampler, which is affordable and satisfying.

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