Special Owner With A Special Restaurant

American Chinese Business News, February 2007

February 15 was a special day for Seven Seas as it celebrated its’ 20 anniversary, a huge feat, as the average life span of a Chinese restaurant is usually six years.

Owner Edward Shen wanted to change the American perspective on Chinese food and introduce truly authentic cuisine by having popular dishes from various regions of China on his menu.

Key to the restaurant’s success has been Shen’s creativity and unique offerings. In the last 20 years, Seven Seas has had over 2000 different dishes on its menu. Now they are focusing on developing healthier dishes, in line with the Chinese belief that physical health is vital for spiritual and mental health. Items designed with this saying in mind are the Afternoon Tea Sampler, Chinese herb dishes and paper hot pot.

Edward and Corinna are known in the DC area for their food expertise and constantly give back to the community by getting involved and donating food to non-profits.

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