Edward Shen Advises Chinese Restaurants to Make the Right Decisions

Singtao Daily, August 2007

The Washington Post recently published a strong, positive article on tilapia that put to rest some fears on seafood consumption.

Edward Shen, owner of Seven Seas restaurant was interviewed for the article. Shen, who used to run a farm-raised seafood supplying business is very knowledgeable about his field and was invited as a speaker by the Department of Aquaculture in Maryland at conventions twice.

Since the reports of contaminated Chinese seafood were published, Shen received many calls from concerned customers. To assuage these fears, he made a list of origin locations of seafood sold at his restaurant. Seven Seas receives their seafood supply mainly from local sources and does not import from China. Shen advises other restaurant owners to pay attention to their food sources and always follow food safety guidelines.

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